BTS‘s V, aka the artist Vante, has an eye for beauty and a talent for creating unique works of art.


Last January, V uploaded photos of his art and art studio to BTS’s fancafe. At the time, fans admired Vante’s breathtaking photography…

| Vante/BTS Official Fancafe

…but many weren’t aware that he is also a traditional painter.

| Vante/BTS Official Fancafe

One of the paintings V shared shows a moonlit winter scene set against a blue, night sky.

| Vante/BTS Official Fancafe

ARMYs who tuned into TXT‘s broadcast today were delightfully surprised to see V’s painting displayed behind Yeonjun and Taehyun in Big Hit Entertainment‘s artist lounge.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive

First step lounge, next step exhibition? If V ever opens his Vante art gallery in the future, art lovers might be able to see this painting in person!

BTS’s V Talks About Opening A Vante Art Gallery For Fans