When this BTS fan took to Weverse and asked fellow ARMYs for some pictures…

| BTS Weverse

Those of you who have these kinds of pictures (from their trips or pretty much anything with 70% background and 30% person), could you please share them with me?#Help_Me_And_Get_Good_Luck_To_Score_First_Row_At_BTS_Concerts


… she had no idea that she was in for the surprise of her life! Shortly after she left the message with sample pictures like this one…

A picture of BTS’s V the ARMY uploaded with her message. | BTS Weverse

BTS‘s V emerged with many more! In a post addressed to “the ARMY” who made the request…


The ARMY who said something about first row at BTS concerts…? Here are your 70% background with 30% person pictures.

— V

… V uploaded a series of pictures that are “70% background with 30% person.

Uploaded by BTS’s V. | BTS Weverse

Uploaded by BTS’s V. | BTS Weverse

Uploaded by BTS’s V. | BTS Weverse

He spoiled ARMYs with some of the most gorgeous pictures…

Uploaded by BTS’s V. | BTS Weverse

Uploaded by BTS’s V. | BTS Weverse

… assumed to be hand-selected from his own collection!

Uploaded by BTS’s V. | BTS Weverse

Uploaded by BTS’s V. | BTS Weverse

In fact, right after uploading the pictures, V went back to the ARMY’s message and left a comment:


I uploaded some ????

— V

ARMYs, including the one who initially posted the request, are collectively swooning at V’s ever-so-caring gesture…


+ What… Am I dreaming right now?? Wow, I’m so grateful T-T I’ve always envied those ARMYs who got comments [from the members], but this! (Cries)


… and inevitably falling in love with his “70:30” exhibition!

| @on_the_voyage/Twitter

V — also known as Photographer Vante — is highly praised among ARMYs for his knack at taking professional-quality pictures. Check out Vante’s best works:

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