There have been many instances where the BTS members have randomly called each other during live broadcasts, and these usually lead to hilarious moments. One time, V decided to randomly call Jungkook and Jimin, and he made some playful comments.

jk jimin
BTS’s Jimin (Left) & Jungkook (Right) | @BTS_twt/Twitter


In a live broadcast, Jungkook and Jimin were making some kimbap, and they suddenly got a call from V.

Jimin decided to be playful and jokingly told V that he was going to hang up since it was a “scam” call.

V then told Jungkook and Jimin that he was watching their live broadcast and was wondering if they were making kimbap the “right way.”

After V said this playful comment, Jimin once again jokingly told him that he was going to hang up.

Jimin then acted as if they were a kimbap shop and asked V if there was anything he wanted. V played along and said that he wanted “mozzarella cheese kimbap.”

V then shared that he called them since he was watching their live broadcast and was bored.

While V was talking, the call suddenly ended. After this, Jungkook and Jimin continued with their cooking.

Another playful moment between BTS’s maknae line!