BTS‘s V may be one of the most handsome men on the planet but he still has his moments of self-doubt. Once, he mentioned backstage that closeup shots of his face were just a tad pressurizing.


The cameraman comes in close on his face at the start of the performance. However, as they were using a handicam, rather than using a zoom function, the cameraman has to approach V at a close distance.

At the start of “Boy In Luv”, the camera comes really close to my face. Isn’t it coming so close that it’s really pressurizing? It comes all the way right here.

— V

Fans have been commenting that he has absolutely nothing to worry about.

With his perfect features, even a 4K closeup wouldn’t be a problem.

He honestly might not even have any pores.

His high nose bridge, full eyebrows and luscious lips are points of envy with fans around the world.

| theqoo

  • “Throw away the pressure.”
  • “I love pressurizing stuff!”
  • “A face I’m amazed by everytime I see it.”
  • “Saving post”
  • “No!!! It’s not even a little bit pressurizing!!”
  • “If there’s no close ups, it’s a pity~ Closeups are a must keke”
  • “What the, how does he look so handsome with hair sticking out like corn chips.”
  • “Handsome people can do closeups. They look more handsome.”

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| theqoo

With such supportive fans, V can rest assured! In other news, BTS is set to make a comeback with a full length album in November. Stay tuned!