BTS‘s new album is coming soon, but it might not be their last release in 2020!

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V is hoping to release his mixtape by the end of the year. For months, he has been revealing new songs snippet by snippet.

At this point, I think there are about eight tracks. I wrote about eight songs. Now I’m not sure which ones will make it on the mixtape. I’m thinking about it. Giving it lots of thought.

— V

In July, V posted the first sneak peek of a new song on Twitter before deleting it shortly after.


Today is a day that i miss ARMY so so so so much. Although it’s not complete I thought I’d spoil a bit of the music I’m working on. Please wait a bit more as you listen to this snippet. #내일지울수도 (might delete tomorrow) #내마음이 (my heart) before my heart changes quickly..

— V

A month later, he played more of his mixtape while driving with Jimin and J-Hope in Episode 2 of In the SOOP. Jimin loved V’s “idyllic” music so much that he asked V to write a song for him too!

Like Jimin, ARMY is already head over heels for V’s mixtape, which they nicknamed “KTH1” (Kim Taehyung 1). It has a classic, soulful sound that takes listeners to the past while serenading them in the present.

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Everywhere I go, everywhere I see

Can you look at me the same blue and gray?

— V’s new lyrics (untitled song)

In Episode 5 of In the SOOP,  V shared a new snippet of a beautiful ballad while relaxing in a canoe. It’s the perfect song for the show’s concept (resting and healing).

The release date for V’s mixtape has not been announced, so stay tuned for updates!

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