At long last, V‘s commitment to BTS‘s Weverse has been recognized!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

When a Weverse notification pops up on ARMY’s phones, it’s usually because of V. He loves to chat, play games, and tease fans in his free time, visiting the app regularly.


In 2019, Jin was given a Weverse Attendance Award for his outstanding attendance record, but for a while it seemed like V would never get the same recognition.


A fan even took matters into their own hands by making V a certificate featuring his dog, Yeontan. In reply, V wrote, “Big Hit, are you seeing this?”, along with a few other comments to jokingly call out the agency.


Now, V finally has his certificate and a title to go with it: “Director of Recreation”. On August 11, V posted a video of himself wearing a banner…

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

…to receive his certificate.

| V/Weverse

Most importantly, V received the prize money to go with it. “Our Weverse Director of Recreation V, whose paycheck should deservedly and rightly be written out to the amount of 199,512,301,995,123,019,951,230 KRW.” Congrats!