This may be an understatement but 2019 was a big, big year for BTS.

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The group made a blast in the K-Pop scene with their song “Boy With Luv”, went on a highly successful tour, broke a number of Youtube records, and earned countless awards all through it.

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It got to a point where ARMYs simply lost count of the number of awards they collected this year alone.

One fan, however, was able to compile this now-viral list of awards, and the amount is staggering.

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BTS won 111 awards in 2019 with just one song.

boy with luv


To make this achievement even more legendary, music show wins weren’t even included in the list. These additional trophies would have added 21 more awards to the total.

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ARMYS were shocked and ecstatic, to say the least.


They pointed out that BTS’s incredible achievement proves they’re an unstoppable force in the music industry.


The 111 awards came from just one song, a mini album no less, and they couldn’t be prouder.


Now ARMYs are wondering where BTS and Big Hit Entertainment keep all of their trophies, especially since they won many more in the previous years.


Congratulations, BTS!