BTS recently appeared on the June 22 broadcast of Mnet’s “Yaman TV.” After revealing what their group name could have been prior to debut, the MCs ask Jimin and Jungkook about why they are the only members who are using their real birth names.

Jimin answers, “I originally received a stage name. They gave me the name ‘Baby G,’ so I said I would use my real name.”

Jungkook shares, “I also use my birth name, but I had a stage name. It was Seagull.” Hearing this, Haha remarks, “The pronunciation needs to be paid attention to” and jokes about how it sounds similar to offensive language.

Then Jungkook continues, “I’m from Busan and seagull (in Korean) is seagull in English.” Following this, Haha replies, “This is the first time I found that out in my 37 years of life. That they are called seagulls” and makes everyone laugh.

Jimin Jungkook

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