BTS’s Jimin spoke briefly to fans about the recent controversies surrounding the group.

During BTS’s closing comments at the first “Love Yourself” concert at Tokyo Dome on November 13, Jimin said, “A lot of ARMYs and people around the world must have been surprised and worried because of recent events. My heart hurts.”

He added, reminiscing about the group’s beginnings in Japan, “We held our first showcase at a small venue in Tokyo, and at the time, we were surprised at how ARMYs in Japan knew about it and came. We’ve come a long way since then to be here at Tokyo Dome today. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget this night with all of you, our first performance at Tokyo Dome. I’m so happy because we’re together with ARMYs. I hope you’re happy seeing us, too.”

Previously, BTS was scheduled to perform “Fake Love” and “IDOL” on the November 9 broadcast of TV Asahi’s “Music Station.” November 8, “Music Station” announced a postponement of the appearance, referring to a t-shirt worn by Jimin depicting the detonation of an atomic bomb in Japan. The designer of the t-shirt commented on the design and postponement of BTS’s “Music Station” appearance.

Afterward, a Jewish human rights group raised issue with a 2015 photo shoot with BTS in which RM was photographed wearing a hat with a symbol of the Nazi Party and a concert performance in which flags with symbols similar to the swastika were used. The stylist for the photo shoot commented on the hat.

November 13, Big Hit Entertainment released an official statement addressing the issues, accepting responsibility for what happened, but also clarifying that there was no ill intent and that BTS does not support Nazism or radical political groups.

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