BTS‘s Jungkook is fond of his hyung Jimin, and the feeling is reciprocated based on how well they take care of each other.

And, they’re always looking out for each other no matter where they are.

bts jimin jungkook

During the Seoul stop of their 5th Muster: Magic Shop, most of the group was seated in chairs while taking a break in between performances.

bts jungkook 3

When Jimin stood up, Jungkook noticed something was off. The chair Jimin had been sitting in had begun to wobble from half of it being on the floor and half of it on the carpet.

bts jungkook

Jungkook noticed it was unstable, so he moved it to sit firmly on the carpet. And, Jimin safely sat on the newly-moved seat by feeling it behind his legs.

Jungkook truly cares about his members to pay attention to such a small detail that could’ve possibly become something bigger. After all, almost everyone has had a moment where they played around in a chair and fell on their faces.

bts jungkook