Though BTS‘s Jungkook has rocked hair colors like red in the past, a crowd favorite is still his OG black hair. In the past, Jungkook has stuck with the classic short, straight black hair.

jungkook short hair1 jungkook short hair2

Many agree that Jungkook’s short black hair fully encapsulates his rabbit-like visuals, showing off how he is the golden maknae of BTS. It suits the idol and makes him look like a prince!

jungkook short hair3 jungkook short hair3

Recently though, Jungkook is rocking longer, curly black locks and fans are falling for the look. Many agree that while he looked cute with the short hair, he looks more manly and sexy with the natural long black hair.

jungkook long hair1 jungkook long hair2

Many also note how not many idols rocks this kind of ‘do, which makes him even more unique and charming as he performs on stage.

jungkook long hair2 jungkook long hair3

But which look is better? ARMYs can’t decide! Everyone agrees that he rocks both looks, so no matter which hairdo Jungkook chooses to stick with, the fans will love it.

It’s like asking if you like mom or dad more. It’s the hardest question ever.

– Korean Netizen