BTS is so close to unveiling their new album.

The boy group is set to release “Love Yourself: Tear” on May 18, simultaneously around the world.

“Love Yourself: Tear” is an album that expresses the sense of loss and pain after parting ways. The album will be made up of 11 tracks, with “FAKE LOVE” as the title track.

“FAKE LOVE” is described as a song that incorporates elements of the Emo hip hop genre as well as a grunge rock guitar sound and a groovy trap beat. The lyrics of the track describe the realization that comes when a love that was once thought to be fated is later discovered to be a lie. While BTS’s new song will uniquely express the sad emotions of a breakup, the song will also have energy.

With this new album, BTS continues to honestly share their concerns and stories. As an extension of J-Hope’s mixtape track “Airplane,” “Airplane pt. 2” will reveal the members’ honest emotions that were felt as they traveled around for their world tour. Through one of their tracks titled, “Anpanman,” BTS expresses a desire for their music and performances to give people hope and energy.

Their fan song titled “Magic Shop,” which was produced by Jungkook, will also be included in the album, as well as “Love Maze,” which talks about the unchanging and constant love that BTS receives from ARMYs. The album will also contain the track titled, “Paradise,” which is considered to be an extension of Suga’s New Year’s greetings to fans when he said, “It’s okay even if you don’t have a dream.”

Steve Aoki, who previously collaborated with BTS for their “MIC Drop Remix,” has also worked with Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook this time for their unit track, “The Sincerity I Couldn’t Convey” (literal translation). “134340,” which contains a more analog sound, as well as EDM dance track “So What,” and V’s “Intro: Singularity” will also be included in this album. Rounding out the album is the track, “Outro: Tear,” which will feature the powerful rapping of RM, Suga, and J-Hope.

BTS is set to make their comeback on May 18 through their Comeback Preview show “Bangtan News in LA,” and their MV for “FAKE LOVE” will be released on the same day at 6 p.m. KST.

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