BTS‘s leader, Rap Monster, has been gaining attention for his clean and flawless skin. Recently, the rapper visited a HERA boutique located near Apgujeong Rodeo station in Seoul and shared some skincare insights.

He commented, “Despite the heavy stage makeup I have to wear, I think the HERA Homme Essence In Skin helps me achieve smooth skin. I like the refreshing scent and the fact that it doesn’t feel sticky on my skin. It’s really cool because I can maintain perfect skin with one product.”

It was also revealed that he went to the store in order to purchase some HERA Homme products for his fellow members. Pictures of his trip were shared through the group’s official Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Rap Monster recently participated in a photo shoot for HERA Homme alongside his “Problematic Men” co-stars Kim Ji Suk and Ha Suk Jin.


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