BTS‘s Suga has gone through numerous hairstyles and colors. Let’s talk a look back at his hair journey, from debut till their most recent comeback.

1. “No More Dream” Era


For the “No More Dream” era, Suga was seen mostly in caps and beanies, though on some rare occasions would let fans see his black hair underneath.

2. “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” Era


Just like “No More Dream” era, Suga continues to wear caps and beanies in the “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” era.

3. “N.O” Era


For “N.O”, Suga sports redish-brown hair with shaggy, wavy hair.

4. “Boy in Luv” Era


His hair is still redish-brown for “Boy in Luv”, but many believe that it has gone slightly darker.

5. “Just One Day” Era

suga just one day

For “Just One Day”, Suga sports chocolate brown hair.

6. “Danger” Era


For “Danger” era, Suga dyes his hair red and sports straight, short hair.

7. “War of Hormone” Era


For “War of Hormone”, Suga is still seen with red hair, but it appears to have been lightened from the past era.

8. “I Need U” Era


For “I Need U”, Suga is seen with red-pink hair. It’s almost reminiscent of cotton candy!

9. “Dope” Era


For “Dope” era, Suga’s hair is bleached blonde. It’s his brightest hair color and compliments his fair skin well.

10. “Run” Era


For “Run”, Suga sports light, teal hair. His hair looks absolutely soft and fluffy, so hopefully, his hair is still healthy after all the dye.

11. “Epilogue: Young Forever” Era


Suga can be seen with platinum silver hair for “Young Forever”. The color makes him look as youthful as ever!

12. “Fire” Era


Suga maintains the platinum silver hair for their “Fire” era!

13. “Save Me” Era


Suga maintains his platinum silver hair until BTS’s “Save Me” era.

14. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” Era


For their “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” era, Suga can be seen with jet black hair.

15. “Spring Day” Era


Suga maintains his jet black hair to their “Spring Day” era and…

16. “Not Today” Era

… their “Not Today” era!

17. “DNA” Era


For “DNA”, Suga dyes his hair an ocean blue, finally dying his hair a vibrant color once more.

18. “Fake Love” Era


For “Fake Love”, Suga returns to his black hair but with a twist – he permed his hair!

19. “Idol” Era


For “Idol”, Suga dyes his hair a dark brown, still staying with more natural tones.

20. “Boy With Luv” Era


For their most recent era, “Boy With Luv”, Suga sports navy blue hair, almost bordering on dark purple.