It was a spoiler for Korean fans of “King of Mask Singer” when online digital media store Bugs Music revealed the identities of the the “King of Mask Singer” contestants before the actual broadcast of the show.

Before the actual broadcast of the 12th episode of “King of Mask Singer” on June 21, Bugs Music, the main sponsor of the show, posted on its website’s homepage an article titled, “‘King of Mask Singer’ Episode 12- Jung Eunji, Shining Even While Solo, Challenging ‘King of Mask Singer’ (free exclusive video).” Although the title didn’t say that Jung Eunji was the masked “Mom Hates UV Rays” singer, the picture included all but showed that she was that contestant.

Bugs Music

Bugs Music also revealed the identities of the other contestants on the show for the June 21 episode, such as VIXX‘s Ken, before the actual broadcast. It had also previously revealed the identities of June 14 episode contestants through its blog.

A Bugs Music rep explained that it was a mistake and apologized to the “King of Mask Singer” viewers and its own customers, saying, “We are sorry for causing you trouble.”

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