When you spend most of your free time listening to K-pop, stanning your favs, and showering them with unconditional love and affection (and non-existent money) like we do, chances are, your choices in K-pop are gonna reflect your personality. So why not use this opportunity and combine two of your favorite things: K-pop and personality quizzes!

Imagine you could build your very own group including your favorite members from the existing groups that you like best. Who would it be? What would they sound like? And what would their concept look like? Build your own supergroup and we’ll guess what type of guy you have a weakness for!

How did it go? Do you think we’re right? What would your imaginary group actually look like? Tell us in the comments!

daisygonzo moved to Korea for now and is living the good life in Seoul. Follow her on Instagram to see more. Also, yes, she straight up put her biases in the header image. Let her live.