According to several music industry inside sources, Busker Busker has decided not to attend MAMA (Mnet Asia Music Awards). This year, MAMA will be in Hong Kong on November 30. Busker Busker has confirmed that they have no plans of attending any events until the end of this year.  

Busker Busker made their debut earlier in 2012 after winning the second place on “Super Star K3.” They swept online and offline music charts and garnered much attention. Therefore, many industry officials expected Busker Busker to win the Rookie of the Year award. However, since almost all music award ceremonies have not given awards out to artists who did not come to the ceremony shows, many are wondering what would happen to the Rookie of the Year award.  

Of course, there are other variables to consider. Other rookies like John Park, Ulala Session, EXO-K, and B.A.P. are also nominated in the Rookie of the Year category. These artists have had a steady rookie career with successful first albums and no one can deny that they all deserve “Rookie of the Year” title. 

Meanwhile, MAMA 2012 is scheduled to be in Hong Kong’s HKCEC on November 30. The entire ceremony will be aired live.