Popular new singing group Busker Busker has had to make a statement refuting recent claims by an associate from the MBN Channel that Busker Busker were said to be boycotting the main terrestrial broadcasters (MBC,SBS,KBS) because they only wanted to perform in concerts for the rest of their lives. 

However an associate from CJ E&M, who is responsible for producing and marketing Busker Busker’s new album, has refuted these claims stating that “These reports are not true” and that “It appears that their desire to concentrate on concerts for the time being has been misinterpreted.” They continued on by saying that “It is true that we got a request to appear on a show but we respectfully rejected the offer taking into account the state of Busker Busker’s voice, who have several concerts planned soon.” They also stated “If there is a good program and we get the opportunity to appear then we plan to appear on the program whenever possible. There is no reason for us to decline it.”

Busker Busker released their 1st album last month and has been extremely popular, with their title song “Cherry Blossom Ending” dominating the charts for several days and with the rest of the songs in their album taking numerous high positions in the music charts. Busker Busker will also be beginning their nation tour starting in May.