Brad (31) from Busker Busker will get married today, August 31 with the love of his life. They have been dating for the past 6 years. The wedding will be held at PATIO9 located in the posh district of Seoul, Gangnam, the most talked-about (and sung-about) city at the moment.

They plan to have a small, closed wedding inviting 300 people and will have a short press conference right before the ceremony.

It’s been noted that fellow Busker Busker members will help with the wedding. Jang Bum Joon will officiate while Kim Hyung Tae will host drawing much interest from the public. It’s also been revealed that Lee Jung Ah and Lee Gun Yool, who became friends with Busker Busker from Mnet “Super Star K,” will perform at the ceremony.

Brad has revealed his girlfriend, Dani, on tvN “Taxi.” It’s been previously announced during Busker Busker’s first concert on May 4 that they have registered a marriage just right before the performances.