The runner-up for Mnet’sSuperstar K3Busker Busker released their new track, “Ideal Type” and is currently shaking up the online music portal charts.

On March 22, Busker Busker revealed, “Ideal Type,” which is a track that is included in their first official album. As soon as “Ideal Type” was released, it reached the number one spot on various online music portals such as, Melon, Soribada and others.

With strong competition from other idol groups, Busker Busker had their moment of glory. Groups like Big Bang, SHINee and 2AM were coming on strong with their previously released tracks.

“Ideal Type” entails the witty colors that only Busker Busker can pull off. It is a soft-rock track that was written, composed and arranged by the lead singer, Jang Bum Joon. The lyrics are well-written with a lot of word-play, coming off as cute and even sexy. “Your slightly showing organs make my heart race / Your spiraling cochlea (inner ear) is so very sexy” is an example of their witty and fun lyrics.

Busker Busker will make their debut showcase on March 26 and their first official album will be released on March 29.