On August 16th, Byul published the following words on singer cum actress Jeon Hye Bin’s Twitter account: “Thanks to your rejection, this man is next to me.  Eh, let’s laugh, I know you said that to be funny.  Don’t stress out over it uselessly.  Nevertheless, if you really are sorry, make a big contribution at our wedding.”

After Jeon Hye Bin published the following words on her Twitter, carrying the truth that previously Haha had a one-sided love of Jeon Hye Bin: “Haha whom I seriously rejected in the past will becom lovely Byul’s husband.”  Netizens pointed out how a rude apology was received.

Netizens who heard about this responded: “Byul is really nice and Haha is getting married well.” “Haha and Byul live happily together for a long long time” “Byul’s face and mind are beautiful.”