On July 22, singer and Haha’s wife Byul uploaded a photo on her Twitter along with the message, “Oh, so cute. I’m sorry I did this without your permission, Dream… But your toes are so cute, I couldn’t help myself.”

She continued, “I love everything about you including your fingers, toes, nostrils, lips, and ears. I want to show them off to everyone, but I am trying to control myself to protect you. You know how I feel, right? I love you.”

In the released picture are Haha and Byul’s new baby Dream’s feet. Netizens that saw this photo admired, “So adorable,” “I know exactly how Byul feels,” “I think that’s how all moms feel. I totally understand,” and “I would love to see your baby’s face.”

Meanwhile, Byul recently also revealed another photo of Haha and Dream’s feet.