Recently on July 19 on her Twitter, singer and Haha’s wife Byul uploaded a photo along with a message, “Soon, I will be able to do things I have wanted to do for a long time, like wearing skinny jeans and high heels, riding a bicycle, and going to a swimming pool. Dream, let’s go to a pool with mommy. I will let you ride an inflatable frog.”

In the released picture is Byul on her bed gazing up at the camera with a peaceful expression. Despite the fact that she only has minimal makeup, Byul still looks gorgeous with her flawless skin.

Netizens who saw this selca admired, “Can’t believe she is a mother now. Still so adorable,” “Congrats on your baby,” “Haha and Byul make such a cute couple,” and “Looking forward to seeing you in skinny jeans and high heels.”

Meanwhile, Byul gave birth to her son on July 9, 2013.  

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