Mnet “Wide Entertainment News” is revealing a video clip featuring soon to be newlyweds Byul and Haha from ten years ago on August 16. The video clip is from Haha’s show “What’s Up Yo!” with Byul featured as a guest.

Byul talked about her ideal guy in this segment, where an animator drew a picture of the ideal guy she described. She described her ideal type as “someone with a round face with full cheeks and no double eyelids. He must have full lips and short hair, too.” After her detailed description, Haha pointed at himself in excitement and said, “It’s me!” Haha also jumped to do some muscle exercises on the spot when Byul added, “I also like energetic guys.” Byul smiled at Haha’s humorous reaction.

Meanwhile, Haha announced his wedding plans with Byul on August 15. According to him, Haha and Byul have been good friends for more than 7 years and started dating exclusively earlier this year. They will be getting married on November 30.