In a recent interview, Byung Hun opened up about his life as an idol-turned-actor. He recently appeared in MBC’s “A Pledge to God,” which aired its final episode on February 16 and broke its own record for the highest viewership ratings.

Byung Hun began the interview by talking about working harder to get acknowledged more as an actor. The actor said, “Instead of being greedy about showing other sides of myself [to viewers], I wanted to work well with senior actors first. I think I will have to keep working hard. I have to work hard until viewers recognize my hard work. I still have a long way to go.”

Byung Hun also commented on his acting in “A Pledge to God” by saying, “I was thinking, ‘I can do better, but why am I so bad?’ I have regrets. That’s why I studied more and considered ways [to improve my acting]. There is no end to acting. It’s hard and scary thinking that I’ve chosen a path that I will never get used to, but I’m also happy at the same time.”

In response to a question asking if he thinks he was able to break people’s stereotypes about idol-turned-actors, Byun Hun shook his head no. He said, “Because I spent much time promoting [as an idol], I will not [deliberately] try to erase the memories. I’m able to work [as an actor] because there are people who remember me [as an idol], so I will work hard and just let time naturally pass by.”

For his next project, Byung Hun will be joining Jo Jung Suk, Han Ye Ri, and Yoon Shi Yoon for SBS’s upcoming drama “Ugemchi” (working title). It is a historical drama that tells the story of two brothers who get separated during a riot that is now known as the Donghak Peasant’s Movement in 1894.

Byung Hun said, “Because I’m from the United States, I studied a lot about the Donghak Peasant’s Movement through this drama. I had to do it. I also read a book that the director had recommended to me.” He concluded, “I was surprised at the amount of action scenes. Even when I’m practicing the moves, I feel excited and nervous. I will pull it off well even if it means that I might get physically hurt. Please look forward to it.”

Byung Hun concluded the interview by sharing his goals. The actor said, “I’m always thinking about attending end-of-year award ceremonies. While watching other actors giving speeches after receiving awards, I become jealous but also worried. However, for now, I’ll focus on ‘Ugemchi.’ Instead of setting a specific goal, I want to spend my days healthily.”

Check out the first episode of “A Pledge to God” below!

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