A.C.E and ONF are preparing to return!

On May 9, the groups’ respective agencies announced that they would be releasing new music in the summer. Both groups had members that were set to be a part “MIXNINE” project group, which was canceled altogether. A.C.E’s Donghun and Jason as well as ONF’s Hyojin and Laun were originally a part of the “MIXNINE” group lineup as they had placed in the final top 9.

A.C.E’s agency Beat Interactive stated, “We discussed a lot with the members after the debut of the ‘MIXNINE’ group was recently confirmed to be canceled. After much consideration, we decided on a comeback sometime in June. Unfortunately, only four members, Jun, Donghun, Wow, and Jason, will be promoting without Chan, who is currently active as a UNB member. We ask for your support and that you look forward to their new album this June.”

ONF will reportedly be making their comeback with all seven members. A source from their agency WM Entertainment confirmed, “ONF recently filmed a music video in the United States. We are currently working out the schedule for their comeback. We ask that you look forward to [their release].”

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