It seems like the strife between C-JeS Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment regarding JYJ‘s Xia Junsu has come to an early finish.

On July 10, C-JeS Entertainment commented, “Regarding the conflict with Loen Entertainment, both sides found an equitable solution.”

Previously, on July 9, C-JeS Entertainment criticized Loen for not pulling through with Kim Junsu’s upcoming second album promotions through the marketing and PR plans. They even went as far as accusing Loen for abusing their power as a “super company.”

C-JeS Entertainment’s CEO Baek Chang Joo commented, “The situation regarding Loen Entertainment that was revealed yesterday has found an equitable solution and compromise. Last night, we met up with Loen’s executive chairs and they officially stated that they would carry on with Kim Junsu’s upcoming second album promotions, marketing and PR.”

He continued, “We also decided that Xia Junsu’s showcase will be streamed worldwide and live on MelonTV so we will be able to keep our promise with the Melon members. The online promotion plans for Xia Junsu’s second album have also been resumed so all those who love Xia’s music can listen to and see the music and performances.”

He ended with, “Thank you for taking interest in an earnest problem that we were having as an agency and thank you for all the fans for their support.”

Xia Junsu will release his second album on July 15.