Camila Cabello has shared how impressed she’s been by BTS!

During a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the Cuban-American singer-songwriter was asked what she thinks has led to the increased mainstream recognition of Latin music. She replied that she thinks social media and the internet have played a role in the breaking down of barriers between languages and cultures.

“I’ve been listening to Spanish music forever because that’s just not even Spanish music to me, it’s just music,” she said. “But I feel like with everything that’s gone on this year and also with groups like K-pop groups performing on American award shows and making their way into the mainstream American industry, I just feel like there’s a lot of just breaking barriers. Which I think is super beautiful, and I don’t know exactly what there is to credit for that, but I’m definitely glad it’s happening.”

When asked if she’s a fan of BTS, Camila Cabello replied, “Yeah, it’s so cool. I think they’re super talented and cool. I saw them perform at the American Music Awards, which was their debut on American television, and I know everybody was super, super excited. A lot of my fans are their fans too.”

She added, “They also mentioned ‘Havana’ in this one interview! It was one of my favorite performances from the show. They put a lot of work into their choreography and into their performance. And you can tell that they really work hard, and I respect that a lot.”

Camila Cabello and BTS also met in May backstage at the Billboard Music Awards!

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