When you’re a huge fan of Korean dramas, it’s not just about the actors, the story, and the OST. There’s a reason they call it the “drama world”; with an extended universe comes, well, extended stuff. Dramas don’t just promote sponsored goods like food, beverages, or even places, but they also leave their mark with the little items that serve as symbols for our favorite shows. This can be a doll or necklace designed/chosen specifically for the drama, the revival of a favorite book, or something mundane that from then on makes you recall a specific moment in a drama.

Here’s a quiz to test your memory of some of the most famous memorabilia in the Korean drama world, along with a few things that marked pivotal moments in their respective dramas. So get cracking, and best of luck!

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heytoto currently teaches ELL in Seoul, South Korea and can usually be found sipping a latte and conversing with her Goblin doll.