If you guessed JYJ, then ding! ding! ding! You are a winner.

Today it seems that JYJ has officially made headlines not only in YAHOO! Music, but on YAHOO’s top article page as well. (Right in between “Obama” and “Tricks for Halloween.”

The article is called “The New Now” and gushes plenty of information (as well as mistakes) about our dominating boys, including fromer band TVXQ.


The article notes that,


…Group’s singers, Kim Jae Jung, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu, are bigger than Justin Timberlake. Their popularity in their homeland landed them in Guinness in 2008 and 2009 for having the world’s largest official fanclub (more than 800,000 members in Seoul alone) and for being the most photographed celebrities on the planet (they’ve been snapped professionally approximately 500 million times).


It also talks about their new album “The Beginning” and title tracks “Be My Girl” and “Empty,” which have been recorded by Atlantic Records and penned by super famous composer Rodney Jenkins also known as Darkchild. Rodney Jenkins have composed many songs by well known global musicians such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson etc…it also briefly mentions “Ayyy Girl” produced by Kanye West.


Well we all know that JYJ did not achieve this much attention solely, so it would be extremely rude if they did not mention DBSK (TVXQ in the article).


The members of JYJ started performing together in 2003 in the Korean boy band TVXQ (who released four successful albums in Korea and four in Japan)It took a long and arduous journey for JYJ to reach this point. Jung, Yuchun, and Junsu, while still in TVXQ, had to sue their record label, SM Entertainment, in order to get out of what was basically a ludicrously unfair 13-year “slave” contract. Despite having sold millions of units and breaking world records in Asia, until they successfully extricated themselves from SM Entertainment, Jung, Yuchun, and Junsu were literally broke.


In the media, JYJ are creating their names globally, while it seems SME is destroying theirs. Yahoo has done a great job of giving exposure to JYJ, and giving me a good laugh at calling Jaejoong, Jung.


It should be also known that the JYJ made the cover of Billboard Magazine with pre-orders currently sold out (possibly the first Koreans or even Asians on cover)! They also made headlines and have a special publication as “Release of the Week” on Billboards main website. For those who aren’t familiar with Billboard, it is America’s leading music chart, (equivelent to Melon, Mnet, Bugs, + more that I don’t know). This is extremley good news for them since Billboard is taken extremely serious in America and only selected top celebrities are featured on the covers.


*Likewise, it is rumored that JYJ will be on “The David Letterman Show” to sing the ending song. I will keep you updated on that matter.



It is great to see the guys doing so well despite all of the hardships they have been through recently. I also think it was long overdue to have a different ethnicity presented to the American listeners. JYJ keep up the good work. 


*special props to *Far East Movement for being #1 on Billboard’s Top 100.


To read the full articles please go here:
Yahoo, Billboard


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