On August 12, Jisoo spent some quality time with BLINKs on V LIVE Channel+ so of course she had to talk about the lovely pets of BLACKPINK, or “PETPINK”, if you will. Jisoo’s dog is named Dalgom (“sweet” in Korean) and he’s one of the cutest and sweetest dogs you’ll ever see.

jisoo dalgom jisoo_dalgom_

BLINKs know that Jisoo’s dog Dalgom makes up 1/12 of PETPINK, with the newest addition being Lisa’s new kitten Lilly. Luca met a lovely cat named Jennie (yes, Jennie) and together they had Lilly. Unlike Luca, though, Jisoo said that Dalgom has yet to find love. More specifically, he “doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

jisoo v live channel plus dalgom

Dalgom might find himself a girlfriend some day, but for now, little Dalgom is shining solo just like his auntie Jennie.


Only the ladies of BLACKPINK could have BLINKs so wrapped up in the love lives of animals, but we’re loving every minute of it!