The cast of “The Miracle We Met” shared their thoughts after the drama’s recent successful conclusion.

Kim Myung Min, who played one of the two Song Hyun Chul’s in the drama, shared, “When we were filming our last scenes, it really hit me that this was the end. I sincerely thank everyone who gave ‘The Miracle We Met’ a lot of love. I will return with an even better project.”

Kim Hyun Joo, who played Sun Hye Jin, expressed her thanks to viewers as she said, “Thank you to all the viewers who loved ‘The Miracle We Met’ and Sun Hye Jin. Thank you again, for watching until the end. As much as you all are sorry to see the drama go, I will return with another great project. Thank you.”

Ra Mi Ran, who played Jo Yeon Hwa, commented, “Thank you to all the many viewers who were with us until now. I would like to say thank you to the writer, director, staff members, and actors for all their hard work. I will work hard to show a better side of myself in different projects in the future.”

EXO’s Kai, who played Ato, shared, “I was very happy and enjoyed filming because I met such a great writer, director, staff members, and actors. It feels surreal that we’re filming our last scenes. I feel like I need to film more.” He expressed his sadness at the drama ending and continued, “Through the role of ‘Ato,’ I was able to experience a variety of emotions. Like the title of the drama, it feels like we put all of our energy into it and created a miracle. Thank you to all the viewers, and I hope that everyone who watched the drama will experience happy miracles.”

Kim Hwan Hee, who played Song Ji Soo, commented, “It was a meaningful and happy experience because I was able to work with great actors, director, writer, and staff members. Living as Ji Soo for three months was unforgettable, and I think it’ll be a precious memory. Thank you to all the viewers who gave Ji Soo a lot of love. I will work hard to become an actress who shows great acting. Thank you.”

Go Chang Suk, who played the second Song Hyun Chul, shared, “I actually only appeared in the first two episodes, and then didn’t appear in the rest of the drama. Thanks to Kim Myung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Ra Mi Ran, and everyone else, viewers felt as though I was there consistently until now.” He continued, “Now that I’m going back to film the last episode, it feels a little awkward and makes me think about a lot of things. I’d like to say thank you to the viewers who gave not only the actors but also the drama a lot of love.”

“The Miracle We Met” concluded on May 29, and was about the story of two men who get into a car accident and switch bodies.

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