2PM’s Junho recently completed his first on screen project successfully, according to Sports Korea.

Junho debuted as an actor in his first movie “Cold Eyes,” also known as “Surveillance.” Although this was his first time acting on the big screen, Junho was a natural. He plays the role of the “Squirrel,” an agile, experienced, and mood-setter member of a police unit that tracks down criminal gang activities.

Directors Cho Ui Suk and Kim Byung Suh commented, “Lee Junho is not a singer, but an actor in this movie. Thanks to him, the ‘Squirrel’ character really came to life. Senior actor Seol Kyung Koo said that he sees a lot of potential in Junho, and Jung Woo Sung said that the way Junho carried himself on set was like that of a true actor. They’re excited to see what else he can accomplish in the future.”

A representative from JYP Entertainment said, “There are many casting calls that are coming in for Junho right now. After ‘Cold Eyes’ came out, the public has taken an immense interest in him. It’s alarming.”

“Cold Eyes” was released on July 3, and already four million people have gone to see it in theaters.