Abandon your long locks for this season’s trendy star look.

Kim Ok Bin: Tomboys are Back
“To be boyish and chic, the cut needs layers with the right weight.  Get a dry perm for volume at the roots and a clean finish at the ends.  A lovely perm or vivid coloring is good for changing it up.”
By Sunsu’s Director, Lee Soon Chul
Style Point: Long faces benefit from volume at the top, and pointy faces should go for an unbalanced cut.

Goo Hye Sun: Lovely Mushroom
“Towel dry your hair, then apply a small amount of essence.  Use the cool setting on your blow dryer to dry your hair as you comb your hair with your fingers, starting from the back and working towards your face.  If your hair is thin, you must use cold air to dry your hair in order to give volume all around.”
By deL’s Team Manager, Cha Yoon
Style Point: The mushroom cut is androgynous, yet adorable.  We recommend a slick and voluminous refresh perm paired with light chocolate brown coloring.  The bangs need volume, and people with long faces should make sure the hair near the base of the neck is no longer than 5cm.

Moon Geun Young: Simple and Modern
“If your face is on the longer side, accentuate your cheeks by cutting your hair slightly below your ear and your bangs below your brows.  Rounder faces should complement their face shape with longer hair on the sides.  While your hair is still damp, apply products for moisture and shine.”
By Style Floor’s Director, Im Jin Ok
Style Point: Part your hair in a diagonal line, around where your brow arches.  Bangs should slightly cover one eye.  Keep the hair tips from curling heavily by getting a volume perm.

Jo Yoon Hee: Natural Boyish Cut
“Use a curling iron to slightly curl a couple sections near the front to a “C” shape.  If you have a perm, applying essence to just the ends will still give you volume when your hair dries.  Press down slightly on the top with your blow dryer, and make sure your curls aren’t too strong as they blend into your bangs.”
By Kim Chung Kyung Hair Face’s Director, Hyun Gyu
Style Point: This style needs a layered bob cut.  Get the slight “C” curl with a volume roll straight or volume roll perm.  Blow dry the top back section pointing down, and watch out for the bangs over-curling.

Jung Yoo Mi:  Double Wave Cut
“The key is to make waves that stick out subtly.  Curl your hair, but make sure the ends still stick out.  Blow dry your hair slightly damp before applying curl cream, and then let your hair air dry.  Your hair should not extend beyond your chin.”
By Soonsoo Dosan’s Team Manager, Ahrum
Style Point: The hair in the back should be cut with layers up to right below the ear.  The bangs and top-back should b cut in one length with an “A” shape feel.  Tighter waves should be mixed throughout, and the bangs should be below the brows and soft.

Go Eun Ah: Sharp and Dandy
“For volume, the back hair should be cut in a bob.  To keep the hair on the neck flat, blow dry the hair down.  The hair on the side should sit comfortably around the face.”
Void by Park Chul’s Director, Park Chul
Style Point: The front should have natural amount of volume, and the sides should have no volume and flow into the face line.

Seo In Young: Lovely Volume Cut
“Dry your hair on the cool setting and lightly press down the bangs.  When the hair is barely damp, apply soft wave hair wax.  Generously apply essence and other curl products to keep the hair from drying into a frizzy mess.”
By Jung Saem Mool Chungdam West’s Manager, Kang Mee Hae
Style Point: The hair should be short in the back with a crop cut all around.


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