Celeb Style File is our weekly in-depth look at a celebrity’s real-life style.  This week, we’ve chosen to feature the charming and multitalented Goo Hye Sun, who shot to fame by starring in the hit 2009 drama “Boys Over Flowers.”  Here we look at her public appearances during the past couple years.

When a celebrity is described as “multitalented”, it usually means that she’s a singer/actress — no joking matter, to be sure, but hardly a rare combination in today’s entertainment scene.  But when we say that Goo Hye Sun is multitalented, we refer to a level of diversity we’ve never seen before.  This young lady, who started out as a mere ulzzang, quickly proved that she’s not just another beautiful face.  She acts and she sings (okay, just wait for it) — in the past few years, she’s also written a bestselling novel, presided over her own solo art exhibition, scripted and directed her first feature-length film, established her own film company, and composed a full album of New Age music.  Goo Hye Sun is really an amazing jill of all trades!

Looking at her unusual list of accomplishments, it should come as no surprise that Goo Hye Sun’s fashion is also one of a kind.  What is surprising is the form it takes.  Don’t let her bubbly demeanor and delicate, doll-like appearance fool you — turns out Goo Hye Sun is a real tomboy!  In fact, going through all of her candid shots from the past two years, we couldn’t find a single photo in which she showed up wearing a skirt or dress.  Even for red carpet appearances, Goo Hye Sun opts for a cute modified tuxedo or suit instead of an evening gown.  We also couldn’t find a lot of color in her wardrobe — if it’s not black, it’s white or neutral.  Goo Hye Sun’s style therefore almost appears to be a uniform of sorts, because her preferences are so constant.  We think it’s great that she knows what she likes and sticks to it.  And where other ladies tend to stick to a certain obvious formula on how to present themselves, it’s very refreshing to see that Goo Hye Sun has come up with a totally different way to dress. 

Favorite outfit: The cropped leather jacket with black skinny jeans is really cute, as is the sleeveless blazer with a bowler hat.  (Goo Hye Sun looks great in hats!)

Least favorite outfit: There are a few outfits in here that we don’t really love, such as the ivory blouse with blue collar, paired with jeans.  And this is more of a general observation, but we think Goo Hye Sun could still experiment a little while still sticking to the style she loves.  Thoughts?

As always, if you have suggestions for celebrities to feature, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate!  See you next weekend!