Where would we be without mothers? They are the backbones of every household. They’re the ones who kiss our wounds, pull us back on our feet, and also give us a few good-hearted smacks when we need to get our act together. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from – all mothers are the same. And you know you’re getting old when you realize just how much of your mother you are resembling!

Mother’s Day is here, and we want to celebrate! Here’s a list of nine K-pop songs that celebrate mothers and everything they do for us.

gugudan’s Kim Sejeong – “Flower Road”

This lovely song reflects on the hard times of a mother and a child’s promise to make sure the mother walks along on only flower roads.

Insooni – “Mom”

A song about all the times she’s taken her mother for granted, it’s a melancholy ballad that’ll touch your heart.

g.o.d – “To My Mother”

A song about the sacrifices a mother made for her child, this song will make you reflect on the sacrifices your own mother has made for you.

Girls’ Generation – “Dear Mom”

A letter to all the mothers out there, it’s a song about remembering the lessons taught by our mothers.

Dynamic Duo ft. Ra.D – Mother’s Soybean Paste Soup

A mother’s cooking can’t be beat!

BTS’s J-Hope – “MAMA”

Honestly, J-Hope is son goals. This song is about a son telling his mother that for all times he’s relied on her growing up, she can now rely on him.

Ra.D – “Mom”

This song is an ode to mothers and all they’ve done for us. For English lyrics, check out this video.


A song about a child’s love for his mother, if you’re looking for that perfect song to sing to your mother, this is it!

Yang Hee Eun – “From Mother to Daughter”

A letter from a mother to a daughter, it’s a touching song about a mother who realizes that in a blink of an eye, her child has already grown up and is ready to leave the nest.

Happy Mother’s Day Soompiers! 

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