The weather is getting chilly, and you know what that means. Dry skin! Winter can be extremely harsh on the skin, especially with the cold winds, dry indoor heat, and cold temperatures. Earlier today, Goo Hara shared her tips to keeping her skin well-moisturized during winter months. The photo she attached was soooo adorable that it led to researching other stars who were brave enough to upload photos of themselves at their true makeup-less state. 

Scroll through the gallery to see which celebs had fun while taking care of their skin!

Earlier today, Kara’s Goo Hara shared her secret to her beautiful porcelain skin. She tweeted, ““When your skin becomes dry, try getting a cucumber facial. The cucumbers are all different shapes and sizes,” and attached a photo of herself with her cucumber facial. 

Park Han Byul and Se7en admitted to their relationship after a photo of themselves getting a couples’ facial leaked online. 

 T-ara’s Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon look like three black beans with their facial masks. Jiyeon tweeted, “Three black beans” and attached the photo. Hyomin commented, “Looks pretty tasty,” while Eunjung wrote, “keke removing toxins. I will look at this photo whenever I’ sad.” 

T-ara’s Hyomin tweeted, “With the facial mask I got from my fans~This is my first-ever ‘facial proof shot.’ It’s already getting dry. Hurry up and get softened.”

Comedian Jung Hyung Don, actor Seo Ji Suk, and Big Bang’s Seungri wear a mud pack during an episode of MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night – Enjoy Today.” 

Kara’s Kang Ji Young gets her beauty rest with an under eye mask and her puppy. 

Shin Se Kyung displays her big round eyes and cherry lips in a facial selca. 

 B.A.P.’s Youngjae shared, “A random photo in the middle of the night! Taking care of our skin in order to meet BABYs later today~ Don’t be too blinded by my shining face at the fan sign event ^-^!.” He also wrote, “Hello everyone. I am vanilla flavored Youngjae I am currently getting ready for ‘Hong Jin Kyung’s 2PM’ with my fellow chocolate and strawberry flavored friends,” and attached the photos. 

 T-ara’s Q-ri and Hwayoung (former member) try on a homemade face mask. 

Actress Gong Hyun Joo shared several photos of herself in the middle of a facial. She wrote “The scent on this pack makes me feel good. I don’t know how long it will last, but it feels very cool and moist,” and attached the photos on her cyworld. 

 Big Bang’s Seungri and his manager kill time with facial masks on the train. 

 Housemates Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin with facial masks during an episode in “Personal Taste.” 

Jang Geun Suk shared his love for facials, numerously uploading photos of himself with facial masks.