So Ji Sub recently sat down with High Cut magazine and explained the meanings behind his tattoos. He said the most recent one on his arm means “Enjoy and love life,” and that getting tattoos is probably the “baddest” thing he’s done in his life.

Just like he said, tattoos in Korea are not as popular as in the U.S., but more and more Korean celebrities are getting inked to express themselves and show who they are. It’s still more associated with gang members, but it’s quickly becoming a part of the culture and an artistic way of setting yourself apart from others.

From G-Dragon and Jay Park to HyunA and BoA, here’s a list of 11 hottest tattoos in K-Pop. Flip through the list and tell us which ones you like the most!

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Big Bang’s leader has a few tattoos on his upper body, but our favorite is the one on his back that says, “Too fast to live, too young to die.” The one on his right arm says, “Vitadolce,” or “sweet life,” while the one on his left arm says, “Moderato,” or “normal pace.”



HyunA’s tattoo on her back says, “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive.” We thought she was a “bad” girl, but we love her good side too!


Jay Park

Jay Park perhaps has the most tattoos among all K-Pop stars, getting inked from his neck to both arms. Our favorite is the one behind his ear that reads, “AOM,” the name of his dance crew, and “JWALKERZ” on the back of his neck, which represents his fan club’s name.



Jaejoong has often expressed his pride in his tattoos, saying he’s engraving everything he hopes not to forget. The tattoo on his chest says, “Always Keep the Faith,” and he once said that it’s supposed to represent his desire to protect his beliefs.



We all know Big Bang’s Taeyang is a devout Christian, and his faith has led to a tattoo of a giant cross on the side of his body.



Many fans were surprised to see BoA reveal her giant “B” tattoo on her back, since her image was more based on a cute, girl-next-door image. It still looks good on her!


Yong Jun Hyung 

BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung has a pretty cool tattoo on his collarbone that says “Born again, still your son.” Perhaps, it’s his way of expressing his love and respect for his parents.


Yang Hyun Suk

He’s no longer the dancer he used to be, but Yang Hyun Suk has continued to keep his artistic side alive. His most recent tattoos are the names of his wife, Lee Eun Joo, and daughter, Yang Eugene.


Lee Hyori

This adorable photo was shared by Lee Hyori herself on Twitter. Taken with her little cat, this photo shows the word “LOVE” inked on the back of her neck.



The Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha has a simple “star” shaped tattoo on her wrist, but it makes her so much hotter!


So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub has multiple tattoos on his body, and he shared the meanings behind them in an interview with High Cut magazine. He said, “The one on my back means, ‘I won’t change even if I’m reborn.’ The 51K inside the diamond represents my agency. The building on my shoulder means that I should never forget my dreams. The most recent one on my arm means ‘Enjoy and love life.’ I know that having these tattoos may be uncomfortable for when I act but I thought it through before deciding to get these. It’s probably the ‘baddest’ thing I’ve done in my life.”