Following the post made by TAHITI’s Miso regarding Jisoo’s departure, the CEO of J Line Entertainment opened up about the situation through an interview with Star News.

On December 16, CEO Lee Se Jeong revealed, “When Jisoo told us she was sick, we wanted to prioritize her health so we told her to take a break. We told her she could resume her activities once she recovered. We filed a request for an injunction on her contract until then, and she responded to us through her lawyer.”

The CEO continued, “Contract injunctions can only be granted if both parties agree. Jisoo’s lawyer told us she wanted to terminate her contract with us because we couldn’t take care of her health. Both parties have to agree on this, but Jisoo has not been answering our calls. We waited for a long time because Jisoo was sick. I’m worried that the rest of the members are hurt by this. That’s my biggest worry right now.”

It was further revealed that TAHITI’s contract ends in April 2019. When asked if the agency is willing to accept Jisoo’s departure from the group, CEO Lee Se Jeong answered, “Nothing was discussed at all. The reason why we didn’t respond to Jisoo’s post was because she didn’t state that she would leave the group. She said she ‘wouldn’t be able to stand as a member of TAHITI anymore,’ but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s leaving the group. That’s why we’re waiting until she clearly discusses it with us.”

The CEO added that they will try contacting Jisoo’s lawyer.

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