2/8/09 – Chae Rim, Kim Seung Soo, and Uhm Ki Joon (채림, 김승수, 엄기준) will lead the weekend drama “Job Well Done (잘했군 잘했어)” scheduled to be aired by MBC on 3/14, following the final episode of “The Golden Age of My Life”.


Chae Rim

Kim Seung Soo


CR will play the role Lee Gang Joo (이강주).  Originally, Myung Se Bin (명세빈) was selected to play this role.  However, she decided to withdraw from this drama due to her bad health condition.  Lee Gang Joo is a lively and healthy unmarried mother who is candid and brave about her affections.


Kim Seung Soo plays the role Yoo Ho Nam (유호남) who was Gang Joo’s old lover.  He forgot about the fact that Gang Joo was pregnant with his child and went abroad to study.  After he returns to Korea, incidents happen around him.  Gang Joo, Ho Nam, and the character played by Uhm Ki Joon form triangle love relationships.


Kim Jung Hwa (김정화) plays the role Na Mi Ra (나미라) who is legally engaged to Yoo Ho Nam (played by Kim Seung Soo).  Mi Ra is the daughter of a rich family and she has beautiful face and body with perfect personality such as being warm and positive.  Yoo Ho Nam is in a position between the confrontation between Mi Ra and the heroine Lee Gang Joo.



Na Mi Ra is a talented ballet and Jazz dancer.  Thus, it is expected that Kim Jung Hwa will demonstrate her dancing skills in this drama.



Actress Suh Hyo Rim (서효림) plays the role Ha Eun Bi (하은비) who was adopted overseas when she was a child.  To play this role, SHR has been studying and practicing English.  Eun Bi and the character played by actor Daniel Choi build love relationships. 


The script writer is Park Ji Hyun (박지현) who collaborated with Chae Rim in the popular dramas “All About Eve” and “Still Loving You”.


The representative of the production team states, “Both Chae Rim and Myung Se Bin are good actresses the script writer would like to collaborate with.  We thank Miss Chae Rim for her making difficult decision to accept this role in a few days.  Her role is a lively and healthy unmarried mother who is candid and brave about her affections.”


Chae Rim states, “I am attracted by the character Lee Gang Joo and the production team, and therefore I make my final decision.”   To play this role, CR has her hair, which has been with her for 3 years, cut short to the root of her ears.  CR states, “My role Lee Gang Joo is an unmarried mother who doesn’t have a family to count on in this world.  Thus, she has to live grandly alone.  Although it is inconvenient to have my hair cut, but I get it done to play this role well.”  Gang Joo works for Jung Soo Hee (정수희, played by Jung Ae Ri) who is the owner of a pottery and ceramic ware business.  Thus, CR is rushed into the training class for making pottery.  CR is taking training classes around Kangnam area.  She spends 2 hours everyday sinking her hands in clays.  CR is elated that her teachers praises for her good hands on making cups and bases.  CR says, “I will give my Mom a set of pottery as a present.”


Young Star Jun Min Suh (전민서) will perform in the MBC weekend drama “Job Well Done”.  She plays the role Byul Yi (별이) who is the heroine Lee Gang Joo (played by Chae Rim)’s daughter.  Jun Min Suh has become well-known lately for her performance in the blockbuster movie “High Speed Scandal (과속스캔들)”.  Moreover, she also acted in the recent drama “General Hospital


Suh Hyo Rim , Uhm Ki Joon, Daniel Choi



Kim Jung Hwa

Kim Jung Hwa


Jun Min Suh

Chun Min Suh


Chae Rim