On July 20, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon tweeted, “I am watching All My Love~ Chang Min Omma (mother) is cooking nyamnyam, Yummy!” The first picture he shared had a TV on with “All My Love,” the sitcom that Jo Kwon is currently starring on. Also in the picture too we can see fan gifts that they received near the television. Another picture is of Changmin in the kitchen cooking. 

Chang Min is the group’s ‘mother’ due to his exceptional cooking skill. He replied back to Jo Kwon with, “Pizza, pasta, rissotto~ Just tell me +_+! kekeke It’s nothing much~keke I will cook everything for you~[But tell me 2 days before;; Ingredients;; keke]

As the leader of 2AM, Jo Kwon also monitors solo activities of his group members. He was watching Homme’s comeback performance at M! Countdown yesterday and tweeted, “Homme’s first broadcast, congratulations>_< Changmin Omma’s expression is good~~!! You like Homme more than 2AM? Chet kekeke” and shared picture of his with gloomy expression.

In reply to Jo Kwon tweet, Changmin tweeted “eh~ Of course 2AM is first +_+! This is omma’s interest keke” and shared a picture of him holding a bottle drinks gift from his fans.

Despite, the solo activities that keep them busy. They still have time to eat together and watch each others progress. 2AM is expected to make their comeback with a new album in September.