On Daum’s Tellzone message board, a photo with the title: “2NE1’s Park Bom Wearing a Wedding Dress” recently emerged. In the picture, Park Bom is seen in a gorgeous wedding dress posing confidently with both arms propped on her waist, all the more accentuating her beauty. Although famous for her cuteness, Park Bom’s charm seems to be elevated with the dress, and her appeal heightened in an elegant and graceful manner. Furthermore, not only did the wonderful wedding dress draw attention in the people’s eyes, but her remarkably slim waistline did as well, accentuating her pose and splendor in the process.

After seeing Park Bom’s picture, numerous comments from netizens appeared, varying from “I think it’s true when people say a girl looks the most beautiful in a wedding dress”, to “Park Bom can announce her wedding right now” and “The dress is absolutely amazing. It goes very well with Park Bom”, as well as “I think the reason for Park Bom going on a diet was to fit in that dress.

Furthermore, Park Bom was seen performing with her sister, cellist Park Goh Eun at 2NE1’s first concert “Nolza” (Let’s play) at Bahngiedong Olympic Park in Seoul on the 28th for the songs “You and I” and “Don’t Cry”.