Soloist Ben, who has topped charts with her songs “180 Degree”, “Love, ing”, and “Thank You For Goodbye” has been confirmed to be dating W Foundation founder and chairman Lee Wook.

It was reported that the two had only recently started dating, as they had only been meeting for 3 months. They had met at a gathering with other friends.

Her agency, Major 9, confirmed the news.

She has recently started dating Lee Wook, they are meeting well.

— Major 9

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Lee Wook also personally commented on his dating news.

Recently, I started dating Ben. We are meeting well, please watch over us well too.

I was actually a fan of hers before we started dating. After meeting her, I fell for her more human and personable side. When she is next to me, I realize just how wonderful of a person she is.

— Lee Wook