TWICE is back with the music video for “Cheer Up”! It is the title track of their second mini album, “Page Two.”

“Cheer Up” is a color pop dance track with lyrics by Sam Lewis, composition by Black Eyed Pilseung, and arrangement by Rado.

The music video features the members in various movie situations that range from action to romantic. Watch it for yourself below and see if you can identify the movie!

There are seven tracks in total for the “Page Two” album, with the seventh song only available through the physical disc. The album comes in two cover versions with a photobook, garland, lenticular card and folder, photo cards, and posters. 30,000 copies will have the package sleeve designed by member Chaeyoung and a special TWICE poster and sticker.

TWICE will be holding their comeback showcase for “Page Two” tomorrow.