Cheo Yong 2” has confirmed its main cast of Oh Ji Ho, Jun Hyosung, and Ha Yeon Joo, and they will begin productions shortly.

The second season of the paranormal crime drama will premiere on the movie cable channel OCN this coming August.

The first season was met with great success, as it achieved the second highest ratings for the cable channel at the time of its airing.

Oh Ji Ho and Hyosung will be returning to the second season to reprise their roles, while Ha Yeon Joo will join the drama as a new partner of Oh Ji Ho’s detective character.

Yoo Seung Mok and Yeon Je Wook will also be returning to the show, while Joo Jin Mo and Kim Kwon will be new additions to the supporting cast for the upcoming season.

“Cheo Yong 2” will begin productions in early July. It will premiere in August, after the completion of “My Beautiful Bride.”

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