tvN’s “Chicago Typewriter” experienced a drop in viewership ratings. The first two episodes of the drama recorded 2.65 percent and 2.82 percent ratings respectively from Nielsen Korea. The third episode, which aired on April 14, recorded a 2.24 percent rating, a noticeable drop from the previous episodes. However, many are feeling hopeful that ratings will go up once the plot starts to thicken and mysteries start to unfold.

The first few episodes of “Chicago Typewriter was focused on introducing the complex characters and their links to the past. The scenes from the past were especially well received by the viewers due to the vintage style of filming, the contrasting visuals of the main cast to their present day counterparts, and the historical references to Korea’s national liberation movement in the 1930s. It is also clear that much of the present day plot is connected to the past, which makes it worthwhile for viewers to see how everything will tie together and play out in the future.

During the press conference, the producer of the drama stated, “The show will highlight the struggles and pent up anger of young people during the 1930s, which is a period of hardship in our history. It will be difficult to label this drama as just one genre given that there are so many sides to the story.” The drama is still in the early stages, and it will continue to get more intriguing as the main character, played by Yoo Ah In, realizes the intertwined fate he has with Im Soo Jung‘s and Go Kyung Pyo‘s characters.

“Chicago Typewriter” airs every Friday and Saturday. Watch it exclusively on Viki!

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