Child actor, Kim Yoo Bin recently shared an Instagram Live post about the infamous “Nth Room” in the application, Telegram, sparking huge controversy online.


The post reads as follows:

What about guys, you XXXXers? Did I go into the Nth Room? You XXXXers. They’re saying there are 270,000 XXXXXes in Korea. Are you one of them, too? If I’m a perpetrator, you’re a XXXXX. All guys who haven’t seen the Nth Room?

– Kim Yoo Bin

The child actor also captioned his post, “I’m scared one of these XXXXers is near me.


Shortly following the post, the contents spread all over the internet, causing much backlash against the actor born 2004.


When the criticism worsened, the 15-year-old child actor explained the reason behind the controversial post.

I’m sorry to those who felt insulted after seeing the story I posted without thinking it through. The story was targeted towards the people who asked me if I had ever been inside the Nth Room before and those who treat all Korean men like they’re criminals. I did it out of anger.

– Kim Yoo Bin

He added that he despises all perpetrators involved in the “Nth Room” and that he had no intention of protecting them.


But the controversy worsened when it was revealed that Kim Yoo Bin was following a Twitter account for deepfake pornography.


Since then, Kim Yoo Bin turned his Instagram account to private along with the message, “I’m sorry” and a link to the petition demanding for all persons involved in the Nth Room to be exposed.