Moon That Embraces the Sun’s child actress, Kim So Hyun posted a picture of herself on twitter with the caption, “There’s a very very important audition today! The age of the character is much much older than me. This… is not like me, right?” She included, “Also, I should be able to announce taking part in a new project soon. I, too, am waiting very anxiously for this work.”

The released picture of Kim So Hyun shows her crisp facial features and small face, a perfect combination displaying her mature charm. She sports loose waves and wears barbie-like make up, easily helping one forget that she’s a middle school student.

Netizens who saw the picture wrote, “Her side profile is also perfect,” “She’s like a doll,” “She’s definitely little Son Yeh Jin,” “She’s going to be pretty like Son Yeh Jin when she grows up,” showing hot interest.

Kim So Hyun has greeted the public through the cable channel Tooniverse’s “My Boy,” drawing attention by dancing to the hit song, “Troublemaker” by the duo (Hyuna from 4minute and Hyunseung from BEAST) of the same name.