On August 29, child actress Lee Sae Ron was seen in a fashionable trenchcoat at an airport in Japan. To promote the movie “The Man from Nowhere,” Kim Sae Ron travelled to Japan with her costar Won Bin.

Her round glasses, leggings, and plaid backpack are casual and comfortable yet give off a sophisticated image. She proves that you don’t have to be an adult to pull off good fashion.

Through all the various public appearances she has made and the rewards she has receieved, Kim Sae Ron displays a fresh young image without sacrificing a trendy fashion style.

Kim Sae Ron rocketed to fame after appearing “The Man from Nowhere,” which garnered a total of 620,000 viewers. Her unique and vibrant acting style has earned her the “Best New Actress Award.”

“The Man from Nowhere” is set to play in theaters on September 17 in 80-100 theaters over Japan, as well as 4,000 movie screens in China on September 16.

An adorable and sophisticated Kim Sae Ron is spotted in an airport.