Nam Gyuri is cast as the main character in the Chinese drama “My Amnesia Girl.” In “My Amnesia Girl,” Nam Gyuri will play both the daughter of an extremely rich family and a maid who loses all her memory and ends up working at the male main character’s house.

Prior to the official airing of the show, “My Amnesia Girl” was revealed to TV industry officials. Many of these officials are optimistic about Nam Gyuri’s success as an actress in China after viewing the show.

As a result, several different production companies and broadcasting companies are trying to cast Nam Gyuri for their upcoming drama productions. Several production companies have already proposed specific amount of money and favorable contracts to Nam Gyuri. The advertising industry is also making numerous offers to Nam Gyuri, asking her to endorse various products including apparel and cosmetic products. Moreover, Nam Gyuri has been asked to make an appearance in various onstage events as a singer. 

An official from “My Amnesia Girl” commented, “Nam Gyuri is always cheerful and lively. She brings positive energy to the sets, making everyone else there happy and joyful. We have high expectations of Nam Gyuri and her career in China.” 

Check out the teaser of Nam Gyuri’s upcoming Chinese drama “My Amnesia Girl” below!